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Online classes now available!

We are currently providing classes for companies via Zoom online.

It is a practical health and wellbeing offering for a company to gift their employees. Weekly or fortnightly online yoga classes can help people stay motivated, creative and help to ease or reduce stress and anxiety.

It is a wonderful way for employees to stay connected and social.

Some companies offer an online hang out session to their employees right after the class has finished for their team to enjoy virtual drinks and catch up on an informal level.

Classes are catered for you and your team.
The length of class can be 30-60 minutes long and our experienced teachers will prepare a class suited to the experience level(s) of your team. We can organise a day and time that works best for you and your employees, and we can host the meeting via Zoom and set up the link for you to share with your company.

Contact us to book a class for you and your colleagues today!
Email us: or call (02) 8387 7167 to speak to Thy and discuss. We can’t wait to provide fun and engaging yoga classes to you and your colleagues!



Trade in weekly work drinks for wellness!

Many successful companies are reaping the benefits of corporate wellness programs, from increased productivity, to improved staff retention and decreased sick days. Yoga is widely recognised for its many benefits, including building strength, flexibility, and physical balance. Psychological advantages include: increased self-awareness, clarity of thinking, improved decision-making, and practising yoga is an antidote to daily stress.

We have a number of flexible yoga and meditation packages on offer to make practising yoga accessible to you and your staff. You can come to us, or vice versa. A yoga session can energise and spark creativity and you’ll leave class feeling refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on the world!

To transform your team’s productivity, health and happiness, contact us to discuss how we can organise a wellness plan for you and your team. You can email us at or call us: (02) 8387 7167.

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