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now yoga room our studio


Our main yoga room is heated to help warm up the body, relax the muscles and support safe stretching. The heat can also help improve circulation and encourage increased concentration, stamina and focus on your breath during practice.

At Now Yoga, we use radiant heating panels to heat the room, which feels like a warm hug from the sun - but no need for sunscreen!

Our hot room has also been designed with a state-of-the-art ventilation system to support our heating (and keep it smell-free!) with clean, fresh air.

Check out our ‘Class Styles’ section for details on the specific temperatures we heat the room to in all of our classes.

now yoga change room our studio


We have separate change rooms for women and men. Each change room includes toilets and showers, all natural hair and body wash are provided, as well as hairdryers in both change rooms, and a hair straightener in the women's. Towels are available to rent from reception. Please leave used towels in the baskets provided. *AT THIS TIME, SHOWERS ARE NOT PERMITTED, thanks for your understanding.*

Small lockers to fit your wallet, keys and phone, are also available for use.

now yoga etiquette our studio


Come on in, take off your shoes as you arrive, and relax.

Check-in and say hi to your teacher at the front desk.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class so you can give yourself time to chill out before practice, and maybe enjoy an extra long savasana or meditation. We lock our front door when class starts for security, so no late-comers are allowed.

No phones, shoes or bags allowed in the hot room. Just you, your yoga mat, towel and water bottle, thanks!

Out of respect for your fellow yogis, please observe silence in the hot room.

Please stay for the entire duration of class unless it’s absolutely necessary you must leave (like if you left the stove on!). If at any time, you feel overwhelmed, we encourage you to lie down on your mat to rest, regain your breath, and then rejoin us the practice when you feel ready.