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Our prenatal yoga classes will resume on Wednesday January 5, 2022.

prenatal yoga

Pregnancy is a unique time for a woman where she undergoes many changes in all aspects of her life. Physical changes are obvious, but her emotional state and mindset, including thoughts, anxieties, hopes, are also affected. Prenatal yoga is incredibly beneficial in supporting a woman through her pregnancy to not only prepare her body for the birth of her child, but also help to bring her a sense of calm, grounding and understanding of what’s to come.

We are excited to offer prenatal yoga classes at our studio for all the pregnant women in our community. Some benefits of yoga for pregnancy and birth include:

  • improving general fitness and health for pregnancy and labour
  • promoting relaxation and stress management
  • assisting to reduce or alleviate common ailments caused by pregnancy, such as: hip, back and neck pain, heartburn, oedema (fluid retention), etc…
  • improving overall circulation and posture
  • promotes emotional wellbeing
  • helps a woman birth consciously and empowers her for her labour (development of mental and physical strength required for the challenges and uncertainties of labour)
  • prepares a woman mentally for postpartum

Classes will run weekly on Wednesday nights, 6-7pm.
Dates: January 5, weekly through to end of June 2022.
4 class Prenatal pack: $90
Drop-in Class: $25

Questions? Email us: or call us (02) 8387 7167