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Reiki with Joanna

One of our beloved yoga teachers, Joanna, is now offering reiki sessions at our studio!
Learn what reiki is, how it may help you, and contact Joanna to book a session soon.

Reiki Level 1 - Sunday Aug 22 (see our events page!)
Awaken your powers of self healing, with the Usui system of Reiki energy healing. This small group workshop (limited to 12 students) is suitable for absolute beginners, and will teach you how to use Reiki for healing yourself and your loved ones.

receiving back reiki

Why Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing practice which helps to promote balance within your mind, body, and spirit. Reiki brings your nervous system into a state of deep relaxation; very beneficial if you’re suffering from injury, chronic pain, stress, overwhelm, anxiety, or insomnia.

woman receiving reiki

What To Expect

After a brief consultation, you will lie down, fully clothed, on a comfortable fleece-padded therapy bed. For the majority of the time Joanna will be working on your energy field - roughly 6 inches away from your body - so will not physically touch you. A small amount of physical touch is offered towards the end of your session, but is totally optional.

reiki on feet

Release / After

As blockages in your energy are released, you may experience some physical sensations such as tingling or feelings of warmth throughout your body. Stuck emotions may release via laughter or tears, which is totally normal. You may feel yourself drifting off; try to surrender to this and enjoy your much needed nap. After your session you may feel lighter and more relaxed. Please stay extra hydrated after your session and allow yourself plenty of rest to help integrate the healing.

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Full Support

Joanna’s approach to healing goes beyond the therapy room. From your initial session together, she will be able to offer insight, coaching, and tools (such as guided meditations) for you to better manage your energetic health in between sessions. This is particularly valuable if you are an energetic empath (you feel, and take on, the emotions of others).

joanna tolley

More Info

For more information, or to book your session, please visit

You can also reach out to Joanna directly on 0428 146 520, or email:

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